Off road Kids Triathlon

Sponsored by D&L



The start is around 16:00. You can pick up your race number 1.5 hours prior to the start of the Off road Kids Triathlon. Please be on time!

This race is for free and accessible for everyone from 10 to 14 years old. Registration is required!

The goal of this race is to promote the sport of triathlon in a fun but competitive way.

Each participants needs to swim individually in an outdoor swimming pool. There will be a time registration on the swim. When everyone has completed their swim, they will start the bike part with a time difference. The fastest swimmer starts first on the bike. The time difference between the first and second swimmer decides the waiting time between the athletes starting their bike part. This continues until everyone has started their bike course. After their bike part, there will be a transition area on the event site. When arriving their bike part, each athlete can immediately transition into the run part.

The distances of the Off road Kids Triathlon are:

10 - 12 years
100 metres swim
2.4 kilometres bike
500 metres run

13 - 14 years
200 metres swim
2,4 kilometres bike
1 kilometre run

This race is fully supported by Sterke Peer Triatlonclub.

Currently no participants have registered.

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