Trio Triathlon

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Participants younger than 16 must submit a signed, written approval of their parents. Please hand in this approval with your registration on Saturday, August 14.

The start is scheduled at 14:30h. Registrations open 1.5 hours before the start of the race. Please be on time!

The trio triathlon is a race for teams, existing of 3 members. The first participant needs to swim 375m, the second one takes the 20k bike on his account and the third participant runs the final 5k. The last athlete will be loudly encouraged and will meet his teammates at the finish.

Our trio triathlon is accessible to everyone. It is a very exciting concept to combine teamwork and sports. To make things even more fun, there will be an additional prize for the best dressed team.

Since it is a stayer race, triathlon handlebars or long aerobar handlebars are not allowed.

The registration fee for a team is € 30 exclusive the license for one day. All proceeds go to the To Walk Again foundation.

No pay back of the registration fee possible!

It would be nice to welcome your team this year as well so you can fight each other in a very nice way.

The number of teams is limited to 250.

Registration goes through the VTDL-website.

If you already are registered, or you forgot your password click on LOGIN.

If you are new, or you want to register with another e-mail address, click on REGISTER. Complete the form and you will receive your credentials from VTDL, with those credentials you can login (button LOGIN).

From now on, you can register for any triathlon in Belgium. Look for "Sterke Peer Triathlon".

MENMichielsen Brothers (Michielsen Bob, Michielsen Wout, Michielsen Stef)
MEN#orangepack (Augustyns Roel, D'haenens Brett, Van Hasselt Gunther)
MENOVER DE BEEK (Van Ginneken Dinny, Nyssens Joris, Voeten Dennie)
MENCOMITS (Nelen Timo, Schepers Jorren, Nelen Jarne)
MENDe puffers (Van Looveren Gert, Marrannes Kris, Van Laerhoven Rik)
MENVOOR DE BRUG (Kenis Jan, van bavel bob, Deckers Jan)
MEN59-59-99 (Groenweghe Joris, swier jago, Van Til Colin)
MIXEDAre we there yet? (van der Meer Senna, Van der Meer Dennis, Lambregts Christine)
MIXEDV3 (Verhulst Janthe, Vermeiren Brent, Boeren Glenn)
MIXEDMatthiouise (Vanlerberghe Jan, Gregoir Christophe, Vanlerberghe Karen)
WOMENTE(A)M (Augustyns Heleen, Delcroix Stephanie, Jochems Ulrike)
WOMENTeam Veerle (Van Dorst Veerle, Buyens Veerle, Laurens Veerle)
WOMENVET Diva's (Leenaerts Danielle, Van Rompaey Liesbeth, Matteeuwsen Ils)
WOMENVET ladies (Jochems Leen, Vermeiren Kim, Plompen Ellen)
Trio Triathlon (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Trio Triathlon (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Trio Triathlon (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
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