'Sterke Peer'

The name ‘Sterke Peer triathlon’ was not chosen lucrative. The mythic figure Sterke Peer was once called as the strongest person on Earth. Petrus ‘Sterke Peer’ Janssen is a popular figure in Wuustwezel. On February 12, 1905 he pulled a cart with 1.5 ton of cobble stones. On that day, he made his name.

The muscleman weighed more than 200 kilogram. He bought a caravan and visited fun fairs. He achieved the name of strongest, heaviest and fattest person in the world. He died in 1915 but isn’t forgotten. In 1978, one modelled a giant of him. You can view this giant during the Sterke Peer triathlon.

Sterke peer
Gemeente Wuustwezel