Wardjes Kids run

Sponsored by Cécémel

"Ward Herremans was inspirer of the Sterke Peer triathlon since the first hour. The most he enjoyed the happiness of the little ones, who deluded to be a big Sterke Peer for a moment, as they were welcomed by many supporters. By giving his name to our kids run, we want to remember Ward in a beautiful and joyful way."

The start is scheduled around 17:00h.

This kids run is FREE and accessible for every kid.

The distance of the run amounts 400m or 800m.

Participating is possible if you were born in or after 2006.

The participation is FREE. Please register in advance. This can be done on the spot, but we only provide a gift for the first 300 registrations.

Anthonissen AnseWuustwezel
Anthonissen NoreWuustwezel
Appiah MilanWuustwezel
Cools CharlotteRijkevorsel
Cools MatthisRijkevorsel
De Cock LienWuustwezel
Gommers EmeliWuustwezel
Gommers LisaWuustwezel
Hartman AnoukWuustwezel
Hartman LotteWuustwezel
Hartman RobbeWuustwezel
Koyen JoppeWuustwezel
Koyen LasseWuustwezel
Lippens CatoWuustwezel
Lippens RubenWuustwezel
Ockers Ella-juneWuustwezel
Stevens LaurienWuustwezel
Stevens RozanneWuustwezel
Thys EliseWuustwezel
Thys ElodieWuustwezel
Van den Eynden StenWuustwezel
Van der Schoot LeonWuustwezel
Van der Schoot LexWuustwezel
Van Velthoven JulieLoenhout
Van Velthoven MarieLoenhout
Verhoeven CasLoenhout
Verhoeven LenaLoenhout
Vermeiren DaanWuustwezel
Vermeiren SienWuustwezel
Kids run (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Kids run (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Kids run (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
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