Wardjes Kids Run

Sponsored by Cécémel

" Ward Herremans was a driving force of the Sterke Peer Triathlon. Mostly, he enjoyed the happiness of the kids, who acted as big Sterke Peer, cheered by thousands of supporters. We will honour Ward by giving his name to our Kids run."

Kids must be not older than 12 years old.

The start is around 17:00. You can pick up your race number 1.5 hours prior to the start of the kidsrun. Please be on time!

This run is for free and accessible for everyone not older than 12 years. Registration is required!

The distance of the run is about 400 metres for kids under 6 years of age. The other will run around 800 metres, all in the surroundings of our event site.

Aslan YaroWuustwezel
Bes JanneEssen
Bes NoreEssen
De Bruyn NellesWuustwezel
Elst LenaWuustwezel
Elst LienkeWuustwezel
Geysen AlexanderWuustwezel
Geysen FerreWuustwezel
Geysen TuurWuustwezel
Hartman LotteWuustwezel
Jacobs DaanEdegem
Jacobs JackEdegem
Jacobs MarieMeer
Koyen JoppeWuustwezel
Koyen LasseWuustwezel
Van Bogaert CesarBorgerhout
Van Bogaert ColetteBorgerhout
Van Bogaert ThelmaBorgerhout
Van Dijck HanneloreLoenhout
Van Ginkel BrentWuustwezel
Van Ginkel KobeWuustwezel
Van Ginkel RoosWuustwezel
Van Hecken EliasWuustwezel
Van Hecken HannesWuustwezel
Van Hecken HeleenWuustwezel
Van Looveren JulietteWuustwezel
Van Looveren MarieWuustwezel
Verleysen Jordaens LeanderWuustwezel
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