Youth Triathlon - Youth C

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Fully booked !

The start is scheduled around 10:00h. Registrations open 1.5 hours before the start of the race. Please be on time!

This race is part of the Belgian Championship Youth Triathlon. Each participant needs to complete all three disciplines.

The race distances for the Individual Sprint Triathlon are:

250 metres swim
5 kilometres bike
1.5 kilometres run

Since it is a stayer race, triathlon handlebars or long aerobar handlebars are not allowed.

The registration fee is € 25. All proceeds go to the To Walk Again foundation.

No pay back of the registration fee possible!

The number of participants is limited to 250.

cuenen SinaMOPERTINGENF12 (Jeugd C)
Kerckhofs MarieHERENTHOUTF12 (Jeugd C)
Vanmechelen JuttaGORSEMF12 (Jeugd C)
Baeyens MattiSINT-MARIA-LIERDEM12 (Jeugd C)
Brosens TijlRIJKEVORSELM12 (Jeugd C)
Cattoor SamSINAAI-WAASM12 (Jeugd C)
Joris CamielSINT-LENAERTSM12 (Jeugd C)
Lodewyks ViktorHERENTHOUTM12 (Jeugd C)
Michiels LukasBAZELM12 (Jeugd C)
Sourbron YentheBILZENM12 (Jeugd C)
Stes PelleWUUSTWEZELM12 (Jeugd C)
Toelants SenneKAPELLEN (ANTW.)M12 (Jeugd C)
Van den Bulck LucaKESSELM12 (Jeugd C)
Van den Eynde FerreKESSELM12 (Jeugd C)
Youth Triatlon - Jeugd C (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Youth Triatlon - Jeugd C (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
Youth Triatlon - Jeugd C (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
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