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ETU Wuustwezel is nominated as 'ETU race of the year 2017'

The ETU Sprint triathlon in Wuustwezel will be part of the European triathlon circuit in 2018. After a very successful first edition, the organisation decided to join the European circuit again. Now, the calendar has changed a bit. The ETU cup Wuustwezel will take place June 23. Around 18:00h, the start of the women is expected. They are first in line to give the best of themselves. The men will dive into the water around 20:00h. The bike and run part will be centralized in the centre of Wuustwezel.
The races are both sprint distance. A 750 meter swim, 20k bike and a 5k run will decide the winner of the second European cup in Wuustwezel.
The number of participants will be limited to 75 men and 75 women.

Questions about visa, contact the organisation:

How to get in Wuustwezel? Check it out here!


The athletes briefing is at 18h on Friday, June 22. The briefing takes place at Kadans, Achter d’Hoven, 2990 Wuustwezel. Before the briefing, you have to register. Don’t forget to bring your identification to the briefing! You get your race package after the briefing. You will not receive your race package if you didn’t pay your entry fee. It is possible to pay right after the briefing. Only cash accepted at the briefing.

The briefing is only accessible by registered athletes and coaches.


Course familiarization: Friday, June 22 (10:00-12:00)
Athlete briefing: Friday, June 22 (18:00)
Race start women: Saturday, June 23 (18:00)
Race start men: Saturday, June 23 (20:00)

The course familiarization is planned Friday, June 22 at 10 o’clock. We will meet at Kampweg 178 (industrial area – Clics Toys), close to the swim start. Accompanied by the police, all the elite men and elite women athletes will ride one lap of the bike course. After, there is some time to test the swim area.


Triathlon is a loved sport in Wuustwezel. Many people will offer a place to sleep to the athletes. We just set up the ‘Homestay’-project and there are many people interested.
As an athlete you can sign up to a Homestay-spot. Just fill in the form on our website and we will match you with the right homestay! Or send us an e-mail with you personal and flight information and we complete it for you. Please complete this before the 1st of June.
Most of the people don’t ask for a contribution, so you can save a lot of money. We bring you in contact with your homestay so that you can arrange the rest by yourself. Hope to see you soon!
If you don’t want a Homestay, you can rent a room in the Host Hotel (Van der Valk Dennenhof) or in following hotel:

TRACK (please find the track here)

750 m
Number of laps: 1
Start mechanism: pontoon
Water temperature: +/-  20,0 °C
Calm water, a small lake
Militairy Ground, the Braboplas

20 km
Number of laps: 4
Flat track, in the centre of Wuustwezel
Completely free of traffic

5 km
Number of laps: 3
Flat track, in the centre of Wuustwezel
Asphalted and brick-paved roads
Track is partly the same as the bike-track


The payment of the National Federations has to be completed before the start of the briefing. It has to be done on following bank account number: BE42 9733 4712 6254 (BIC: ARSPBE22) or you can pay cash right before the start of the briefing. Only cash accepted at the briefing. Please always mention your full name and country. If there are any questions about the payment, please contact . You aren’t receiving your race package before you have paid. The entry fee is 80 EUR.

Please contact your national federation and make sure that your entry and your entry fee has been properly processed. This prevents delay and stress when you collect your race package after the briefing.


Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,250 EUR
2nd. 1,000 EUR
3rd. 750 EUR
4th. 500 EUR
5th. 400 EUR
6th. 350 EUR
7th. 300 EUR
8th. 200 EUR
9th. 150 EUR
10th. 100 EUR

More information in the Athlete Guide:

Athlete Guide 2018 (1227KB)
logo etu wuustwezel 2018 (24KB)

Registration through the website of the International Triathlon Union

Currently no participants have registered.

ETU Sprint (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
ETU Sprint (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
ETU Sprint (Wuustwezel - Belgium)
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