12.08.2017 - Sterke Peer Triathlon
13.08.2017 - ETU Sprint Triathlon

Wuustwezel Belgium - Sportoase Triathlon Festival

Sportoase Triathlon Festival

In 2017, Wuustwezel is the host city for a fantastic triathlon weekend. The 11th edition of the Sterke Peer Triathlon is scheduled August 12. The concept will be the same as previous years. This great day and really festive night will be borne entirely by volunteers. The proceeds will be donated to various charities. Besides the individual triathlon, also this year the trio triathlon, triathlon for schools and the Wardjes kids run will be highlights on a day of sporting entertainment for young and ol, fast and less fast.

We will extend the pleasant atmosphere and cheerfulness from Saturday to the ETU Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, August 13. This race is part of the European triathlon circuit. It will be an exciting battle in the village of Wuustwezel. Olympian and inhabitant of Wuustwezel Marten van Riel has set his heart on winning the race.

Thank to sponsors, participants and volunteers is huge. Together, we can create an undoubtedly brilliant edition.

finish triathlon for schools

Sportoase Triathlon Festival 2017

2017 will be a blast again. The existing concept on Saturday and a European race on Sunday is unique in Belgium. The eleventh edition of the Sterke Peer Triathlon and the ETU Sprint Triathlon together form the first ever edition of the Sportoase Triathlon Festival. Be there on Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13 in Wuustwezel.

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